14k It's Dangerous to Go Alone -5mm wide Triforce Wedding Band

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By popular request:

My 14k triforce band is now available in a 5mm width!

In the first Zelda game, when you leave the cave, The wise man gives Link a sword and tells you "It's Dangerous to go alone".

Suitable words for a wedding band as well.

This ring features a solid 14k gold construction. The inside has a block font deep engraving with the quote going around the inside.

You can select both your ring size, and gold color.

This ring is made to order. Please select a size and allow about two weeks for it to be made. You can see my other zelda rings by searching for "zelda" or triforce in my shop, or see other custom works at my website.

All rings are 5mm wide.

All rings are a satin finish on the outside and polished finish on the inside. I can also provide a full polish by request.