0.95 ct Natural Ruby - Loose red pear 8x6

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A natural loose madagascar ruby with only basic heat treatment (NO GLASS FILLER). Light color zoning and a good deep color. This is a natural stone, so some inclusions are present under high magnification. no glaring black inclusions or clouds visible to the naked eye. Some facet edges are not as well polished as you might find on an AAA stone, but these rough areas are not visible to the naked eye. This is a bargain price for a heat only ruby with good color.


0.95 carats

7.87mm x 5.90mm (will be a close fit to an 8x6 calibrated setting)

Pear cut

Basic heat treatment only

Madagascar in Origin

No visible black inclusions.

GIA report: I am so confident that this stone will perform unders scrutiny that I am willing to have th GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grade and report on this stone if requested. There is an additional charge and wait time if a report is added. Typical turnaround time is an additional 4-6 weeks. Reports are non-refundable UNLESS the report comes back with a treatment other than what I've listed above. If you would like to preview a stone first and then order a GIA report at a later date, this is also a service I provide.

All gemstones come with a 15 day return policy, no questions asked. Treatment information: The vast majority of rubies are treated with heat treatment, which is a simple and permanent treatment which improves the color saturation and clarity in a stone. It is NOT affected by re-polishing, cleaning, steaming or ultrasonic cleaners. This stone has basic heat treatment. Some Rubies are also "fracture filled" which uses dyes, glass and/or polymers to fill in the cracks and hide inclusions in a stone. This is NOT a fracture filled ruby. Fracture filled stones can crack under pressure, and are not permanent treatments, as they can be affected by cleaning, polishing and ultrasonics. It is important to know what you are getting. If you have any questions, please let me know.