Spiderweb Ring - Sterling With Red Ceramic Plating

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I love the bold colors on this one, Silver and red, with a hint of black as the webbing casts shadows across the ring. The pictures are of the actual ring, not a rendering or photoshopped image. Spiderman is probably the superhero that I'd be most likely to cosplay as if I were to do a convention. I'm average height, lanky and a bit nerdy. I even wear glasses (or contact lenses) I love science and engineering. So this ring is a personal favorite in many ways.

~The web design is the same on the back of the ring.

~Rings are 8mm wide and have a comfort fit

~Each ring is made to order in your size!

~Please allow a few weeks for your ring to be made and shipped.

~The rings are solid sterling silver

The webbing is a bit below the surface of the rims on each side, to protect their intricate details form daily abuse. Below that, in each little recessed pocket is a layer of red ceramic plating. This plating will withstand soap and steam cleaning easily.

Additional info: The plating is hypoallergenic and retains the sound and feel of metal

The plating is thicker and more durable than rhodium plating. I can also make this ring with other types of metal (white gold, palladium etc.) I can also do other colors of plating (teal, red, yellow, black, green, etc...)