Nephrite Jade Yin Yang Ring in sterling silver - adjustable ring

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Stone Type: 
Setting Type: 
Sterling Silver
Stone Cut: 
Free Form
Stone Color: 
Stone Dimensions: 
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Stone Treatment: 
SKU: RI1066


The Yin Yang is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world, representing light and dark, good and evil, but more than that it is the balance that these bring to our world, our lives.


When I came across these jade leaves, I knew I wanted to do an open ended ring, but it was not until I started to play with them on paper that I realized that the two distinct shades or green would make a perfect yin yang ring! So I designed a ring and cast it in sterling silver, and set the two pieces, voila! A nephrite jade ring made to order.


Each ring also features a leaf inspired carved inside.


The leaves measure on average about 12-13mm long (1/2")

I have a parcel of several dozen of each of the light and dark jade leaves I'll be using to make these rings. Once I run out, I'll no longer be offering this item.


The ring is crafted in solid sterling silver using the lost wax casting method.

The top portion is not connected, making this ring slightly adjustable about 1/4 to 1/2 size up or down.


Made to order in about 1-2 weeks.




jade yin yang solid leaf
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