COVID-19 Shop Update

To all my current, future and past customers: I'll be placing my shop on a brief hold over the next few weeks.

While I do work alone and from home, I do rely on a chain of suppliers for metals, supplies, and other shop consumables. And as of tonight, I received word that most, if not all of them would be closing down for the weeks to come. Rather than trying to swim against this, I'm going to hunker down and spend some time with my family, work on a few new designs, post some fun videos and take care of some long overdue custom designs.

I will be finishing most* of my current orders as well as still be shipping any orders for items which are not made to order (Such as ready to ship items, one of a kind pieces and loose minerals and gemstones.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. My family and I are safe, well prepared and in a very good place to weather this storm. I wish all of you are as well and have the support you need.

Austin Moore

*I'll be emailing each and every customer over the next day or two who has an open order with me to give them a status update on their specific project.