Modern Ammolite Pendant in Sterling Silver

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Setting Type: 
Sterling Silver
Stone Cut: 
Stone Shape: 
Stone Dimensions: 
1" across
SKU: PE234



A Beautiful rare ammolite stone from the Canadian Rockies.  These stones are made from the compressed ammonites that were encased in stone, millions of years ago, the continental plates converging and crushing them into thin, shimmering gemstones.  Also the National gemstone of Canada.

This particular piece, like most ammolites, is directional, displaying the best iridescence from a narrow viewing angle.  I've orientated the stone to try to capture that angle so those viewing the pendant being worn will see it in its best light.

This patterning is sometimes called "Dragon Scale" or Dragon's Skin ammolite for the scale like patterning of the fiery colors.

Set in a hand crafted solid sterling silver pendant with an open back and framework and an natural 10 point diamond, inset directly into the stone, and soldered to the pendant framework.  Peeking over the rim of the pendant are three small stones: A Sapphire and two tsavorite garnets.

The entire pendant has a satin finish with polished bezel rims around each stone. It will come with the polished solid sterling silver rolo chain pictured.

Ready to ship, one of a kind!





modern triangle cabochon ammolite rare canadian dragonscale dragon skin scale rainbow solid sterling silver diamond
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