Aurum Repertum - Golden Nugget Mens Band

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Stone Type: 
Setting Type: 
14k White Gold
Sterling Silver
SKU: RI976


Aurum Repertum, latin for "Gold Discovery", represents the intrepid soul, a seeker of that which eludes most.

This ring features a solid sterling silver band, with a hand textured top.  Solid chunks of 14k yellow gold have been "splattered" and welded around the ring in a random pattern, like a vein of gold in rock, waiting to be discovered.  Bordering the gold are two thin lines of solid copper, with a rope weave framing each side.  The silver is then oxidized to darken it, and allow the gold to take center stage against the near black background.

The veining of the gold is all done by hand and will vary slightly from ring to ring.

Each ring is made to order in about 2 weeks.

Rings are all 8mm wide.



gold discovery mine nugget ring band mens solid sterling silver copper 14k yellow vein latin hand made crafted rustic
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