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40cts Amethyst, 30cts Sapphire, 32 cts Ruby and 20 cts Emerald
Preset gemstone pendants in sterling silver basket mountsAssorted Inexpensive gemstone jewerlyGemstone RingsPieces of Fluorite about 1.5-2" eachBoulder Opal, Cats Eye Scapolite, Malachite, Tigers Eye, Velvet ObsidianKyanite and fire agate cabochonsBoulder Opal and Idaho Opal rubs and cabsSolid Australian Opal Cabochons and RubsSolid Australian Opal  and Chocholate opal Cabochons and RubsMexican Fire Opal and Oregon Opal CabochonsSapphire, Ruby, ammolite, chrysoprase, star ruby, moonstone, oregon sunstone etcHardy Estate Turquoise, bolder turquoise, sleeping beauty turquoise, etcLabradorite cabochons, various sizes and grades.Sugilite, peitersite, Oregon Opal, Flame ObsidianLarimar and rainbow Moonstone cabochonsPearls, Various grades, some are vintage break outs.assorted natural and lab created gemstones, lapis, tigers eye, onyx, quartzLindy Star Sapphire, garnet, jade, lab sapphires, topazSmall solid Australian opal cabs, melee sizes 2 to 6mm, round, oval and marquise
Piece Infomation
Various cut gemstones, cabs and specimines
All colros

This is a wholesale liquidation lot. Please read the entire description, and look at the pictures. We have carefully selected a range of stones that come from our own personal horde of gemstones.

There are way too many gemstones to list all of them but here is a short list:

~There are about a dozen very nice Mexican fire opal cabochons in this lot. Most of them have color play.

~There are also quite a few well cut opal cabochons. Boulder opals and doublets have been marked as such. The opals range from Australia, Ethiopia Oregon and Idaho. Also included is a very large selection of melee opals. Excellent for designs work, or repairs or replacing customers lost stones.

~My personal favorite part of this lot is the 4 parcels of Ruby, emerald, sapphire and amethyst. Aside from diamonds, these are the four most recognized gemstones in the world. Very popular. This potion of the lot alone is worth more than what we are asking for the full lot.

~There is also a nice selection of turquoise, labradorite, moonstone and several other popular gemstones.

For more information, click on any picture, or let your mouse hover over an image to see what that image contains in the picture. 


At this time, We are now accepting offers for portions of this lot.  If you are interested in a selectionof stones, for example: All the fire agate, simple emails us with your request and your offer.

Price: $4,900.00
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