Strawberry Sparks

paddle wheel steamboat ring with strawberry quartz
mixed metal engagement ring paddle wheel steamboat ring with strawberry quartzstrawberry quartz statement ring sterling silver and copper steam punk steam shi
Piece Infomation
Strawberry Quartz
Cut Type: 
Stone Dimensions: 
19.7 x 10.2mm

This ring sort of evolved as it was created. I started out knowing that I wanted to create something in my studded line. I wanted to set this stone and I wanted it to be bold. Not trying to appeal to the masses with this one.

Then, mid way through, I decided it needed to be a mixed metal ring. I had these cast copper gears and after playing with them and the ring I realized that they looked like paddle wheels next to a steam powered ship.

The gears were added to the sides with small rivets to allow them to turn (Yes, they spin!), and small natural garnets were set in the top of each smoke stack. Then this one of a kind stone was set between the stacks to form the deck.

The strawberry quartz, so named for its color, has hundreds of silky inclusions that give it a sparkle inside the stone, similar to rutile quartz, and sunstone. I have seen a lot of material labeled strawberry quartz, but this stone may be one of the finer pieces I have ever come across.

This is a one of a kind ring.

Lore and Properties
Legend (see "Legends Collection Information" for details on this section): 

One upon a summer there was a young woman who felt nothing was going her way.   She hadn't had a boyfriend in months,  her job sucked the life from her and everything she seemed to try for slipped through her fingers.  After work one day she walked past a poster advertising an evening of elegance upon a steam driven paddle boat.  There was to be dancing, food and no partner was needed.  She decided to treat herself and purchased a ticket.  That evening, as she boarded the boat, her heart felt forlorn, but she smiled and was determined to have a good time even though she was by herself.   She was sipping her drink at a corner booth and nervously fiddling with her hair when a handsome young man came over.  "Would you like to dance?" he asked with a smile.  

 She looked up and their eye's met.   Immediately, there was a spark in their eyes and their hearts.  From that moment on he didn't leave her side.  They danced and laughed and felt more alive than either had in years.  

When the night was coming to an end,  he looked at her and said,  " I don't want to live another day without you.  Come with me and work by my side in my shop near here.  You can even build your own business there if you want."   The young woman smiled and said,  "I've been waiting so long for this ."

 A year later he said he had a surprise for her and asked her to be ready by 5pm.  He took her to the same boat they had met on one year prior.  The night passed with no less magic than the night they met.  As it was drawing to a close, he asked her out on the deck.  Nervously,  he knelt down on one knee and asked,  "Will you marry me?".  She started to cry and smiled,  "I thought you would never ask."  He smiled back,  and explained,  " You're no ordinary girl and this is no ordinary love.  I wanted your ring to mean something,  so I had one custom made to look like this steam driven paddle boat we met on.  The center stone is strawberry quartz,  because it sparkles like my eyes and heart sparkles for you,  and the stacks have red garnets in them to signify our love. " 

 She was speechless. 

 She loved the ring and over the years when times were difficult she just glanced at her ring and it filled her heart with sparks just like those wonderful nights on the boat and made her smile.  And her smiled were always returned by a smile from her husband.

Price: $750.00
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