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Welcome to our Legends Collection!

This is a series of modern day legends written especially for the owner of the jewelry piece. Each stone in the lengends collection comes with it's own custom written legend.  I write each legend based on the stones' characteristics.  Most stones tell their own story, and I simply bring it to life.  Each legend is unique to one stone and will not be used for multiple stones; truly a one of a kind.  The legends are custom written after the final piece is made and before it is listed for sale.  Each stone in the legends collection will remain on the website with a unique number to show examples of past work, however a duplicate of that piece will never be made.  If you have a stone you would like set and a legend written for it we are always open to custom requests.  Please use our contact form to submit a request.  Feedback and comments are always welcome as well.  Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

You may view our legends collection here.



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