Zora's Sapphire Pendant

Zoras Sapphire pendant hand made
Ocarine of time zoras sapphire hand made pendant bronzehand crafted zoras sapphire bronze penanthand made zelda sapphire pendant
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I've done a lot of Zelda fan art in the past, both for custom orders, and some of my own versions.

This is my version of the Zora's Sapphire. Probably one of the more well known game items.

I wanted to craft something using traditional jewelry making technology and craft. Something that would be a good quality piece, with well cut gemstones and have a very nice look to it. Not cheap, but still being relatively affordable. This is the result!

The pendant shown is approximately 1" across and will come with a greek leather chord.

This version will be made in yellow bronze. I have decided to give it a semi gloss/satin finish. it is what I would expect if I was pulling a relic from an ancient underwater treasure chest.

It is also available in the following metals: (Please email me a request for a custommetal or stone arrangement)
Sterling Silver
10k yellow gold
14k yellow gold
18k yellow gold

All pendant will feature the stones shown, which are imitation blue sapphires. These man made stones are lab created and exhibit the ideal blue sapphire color at a fraction of the cost. Each stone is a 6mm round blue brilliant cut. They are very sturdy; not glass, resin or plastic.

Please allow a week or two for your custom pendant to be made. Each one is made from scratch.


SKU: PE206
Price: $150.00
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