Scale Armor 14k White Gold Band

Wedding Scale Armor 14k white gold band
hand made Scale Armor 14k white gold bandhand crafted Scale Armor 14k white gold wedding band
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White Gold

A great wedding band or a fun ring to wear all the time. Makes a great conversation piece.

These rings are made from a solid piece of 14k white gold, so there are no solider joints or seams.
Width is 5.6mm
The pictured ring is 14k white gold. Also available in yellow and rose gold.

The inside is polished and slightly curved for a comfortable fit. 

The finish is a brushed finish, which gives the ring a sort of medieval/antiqued look.

The edges may look sharp, but the ring actually feels nice on the finger and will not cut or scrape the skin.

Please allow a few weeks for your custom ring to be made and shipped.

SKU: RI639
Price: $670.00
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