Gears_Beta V1.0

steampunk statement ring with working gears
black diamond steam punk ring hand made sapphire steamp punk ringgear themed steam punk ring in sterling silver and brassGear ring layout and gemstone identification
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Ring Size: 
Sterling Silver

This ring has a lot going on, I feel the pictures do it justice, but I'll elaborate below on some of the more technical details:

First: Yes, the gears do move and interact with each other.  That being said, the movement is stiff and a bit jerky.  Gear ratios have to be perfect or the gears will "load" and jam.  Needless to say, I am a silversmith, not a watch maker, and I hand shaped and polished each gear by hand, so it is a small miracle that they even fit together.


The entire ring is crafted in sterling silver, and each gear is shaped from yellow brass.

The overall size of the top of the ring is 38mm long (1.5")

There are a total of 17 gemstones in this ring.  They are each identified on the last picture.  Here is that information again:

Black Diamond (1) at 5.0mm, AAA Grade, 0.65 carats (65 points)

Sapphires (6) at 2.5-2.6mm each along the outer rim.  These range from A grade to AAA Grade. One of them has Ceylon color.

Sapphire (1) at 3.0mm, AA Grade

Rubies (2) at 2.5-2.6mm each, AA Grade

Citrine (4) at 2.0mm each, AA Grade

Chocolate Diamond (1) at 1.5mm, I1 clarity

Blue Diamond (2) at 1.0 - 1.1mm each, SI/3-I-1 clarity, Aqua Blue color

All of these are natural stones (earth mined).


If this ring gains popularity, you can be assured that I'll make more in this series in the future, but this ring, will always be one of a kind.

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Price: $1,500.00
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