Montana Sapphire River Ring

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Ring Size: 
Stone Type: 
Sapphire - Montana
Setting Type: 
Sterling Silver
Stone Cut: 
Stone Color: 
Stone Shape: 
Stone Dimensions: 
Stone Weight: 
1.7 Total Carat Weight
Stone Treatment: 
SKU: RI528


This ring is my version of the classic "Eternity Band". It incorporates 20 Natural Sapphires which vary in size and color, passing all the way around the ring.

The stones alternate from 2.1mm to 2.5mm and then 3mm, and then back again for a total of: 5- 2.1mm sapphires, 10- 2.5mm sapphires and 5- 3mm sapphires.  these are all 100% natural and have not had any treatments.  I know becasue my family mined the rough stones and I had them cut myself.

The colors include white, silver, grey, aqua, light blue and light yellow. All of the stones ar at least eye clean.

The ring is completly hand made by me and I personally hand set each and every stone.  Following the sapphires, like the ripples in a pond, is my sandcastle texture.

One of a kind.

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