Custom Orders

Thank you in advance for contacting us.  All contact forms are sent directly to Austin Moore and are usually read and replied to within 24 hours.

We have created this form to help us to better help you when it comes to creating your custom project.       
You do not need to answer all of the fields, but the more you answer, the easier it will be to help work up a design and quote.

After we receive this form, we will contact you with follow up questions about the project.  We take baby steps to make sure that you understand our process.

You are never billed for consultation, and there is no charge for contacting us regarding custom work.  However, the more complex your project is, and the more time spent emailing and developing the design, the higher the finished price will be.       

If you need to contact us for a different reason, such as an order status, or other inquiry, please use our regular contact form here.
There are four levels of custom work:


Made to Order: These designs are already finished. The only changes would be to the type/color of the gemstone(s) or the metal color/type. Sometimes we can also change the shape of a main stone.
Semi Custom: Making a small modification to an existing design, such as adding or subtracting from a design, but overall, using a previous design to build from in order to create a new piece.
Replica: Making a replica of a piece of jewelry or an item, usually based on pictures, or web links. Common for lost jewelry, or discontinued designer wear.
Full Custom: Designing something from the ground up.  A totally new concept. It may share common elements from other designs, but, is mostly, or all new.  These are the most expensive yet rewarding projects.



Creating these categories helps us to better explain our process, and to better meet your expectations.  The first three levels of custom work usual have a precedent and thus, the results are easy to predict and the design time is relatively low.       

Full custom work is time consuming and labor intensive, and will  have a relatively higher price tag. But the results are often more rewarding.  We understand that creating a thing of beauty is only half the goal; we also want our work to be meaningful to you.       

If you are unsure about any of the options below, simply select the "Not sure" option, or leave the field blank  Nothing that you fill out here is locked in stone.  It just gives us a better starting point.       

Material Preferences:

Example: Round Amethyst, 1 carat dark blue sapphire, 1/2 carat marquise diamond, a round opal the size of a dime…

Example: round white diamonds, synthetic sapphires, small stones to match main stone…

Size Requirements:

Please use US Ring Sizes

Example: Top of ring should be 1" long, Pendant should be the size of a quarter, earrings need to be about 30mm in total length

Additional information:

This is the meat and potatoes of the description. Let me know what you want.

900kb max jpg's only.

Your Contact Info: